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  Udgivet: 2007-03-30, anmeldelse af:

  • Abstrakt:  "WOW!"That was the first thing out of my mouth after I tried the XtremeMac Airplay Boost FM transmitter for the 5th generation iPods. I later tried the second generation Nano Airplay Boost. I was equally as impressed. Both models "hijacked" the radio ...

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  Udgivet: 2007-03-07, anmeldelse af:

  • Compact design, good signal quality, easy-to-use, 87.9FM, Dock Connector pass-through port
  • Somewhat pricey compared to competition,
  • The AirPlay Boost is a huge improvement over its predecessor and might be a good choice for those areas where many FM transmitters don’t work well.

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