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  Udgivet: 2005-07-14, anmeldelse af:

  • Abstrakt:  Once upon a time, A/V receivers had to be big, ugly black boxes if you wanted them to be powerful. Well, that time is gone, thanks to the Panasonic SA-XR70 A/V receiver. This very slim and compact home theater component delivers an impressive 100 watts...

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  Udgivet: 2005-05-20, anmeldelse af:

  • Abstrakt:  <b>Spec:</b> 9.5 lbs, Universal remote control, AV receiver<br> <b>Good:</b> All-digital 6.1-channel A/V receiver; 100 watts per channel; HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) audio/video connection; compact size.<br> <b>Bad:</b> Its digital amplifiers still dont have the muscle of conventional designs when pushing the volume; only one HDMI output.<br> <b>Bottomline:</b> Panasonics slim receiver will disappoint people looking for cheap HDMI switching, but its audio quality is a pleasant surprise.<br>

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  Udgivet: 2006-10-10, anmeldelse af:

  • HDMI is the future. Good sound.
  • Front of unit looks and feels cheap. Slightly shrill performance.
  • Worth a go if you’re keen to cut down on the cables beneath your TV. Overall, though, it’s a bit average ...

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