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Reviews of Winchip PC2-9600 1200MHz DDR2 2GB kit har samlet 2 ekspertanmeldelser af Winchip PC2-9600 1200MHz DDR2 2GB kit og den gennemsnitlige bedømmelse er 91%. Rul ned og se alle anmeldelser for Winchip PC2-9600 1200MHz DDR2 2GB kit.
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  Udgivet: 2007-09-01, anmeldelse af:

  • Abstrakt:  Ever since Intel released the 3 series chipset, DDR2 has had the wind taken from its sails so that DDR3 could make waves. This was meant with the best intentions, but as DDR3 was released to public it didnt take long for people to realize it was sti...

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  Udgivet: 2007-07-04, anmeldelse af:

  • 1200 MHz out of the box, 1066 MHz at CL4448, CL3224 up to 640 MHz!, Heatspreaders can be taken off easily so you may replace them with one of your choice, Lifetime warranty, Available with large and normal heatspreaders in multiple colors, Sticker on DIM...
  • Any memory at 2.45V will produce noticably more heat, cool accordingly!, Only performs well with voltages higher than 2.2V, Heatspreaders come off easily
  • Winchip enters the European market with a big bang. Their high-end DDR2 with 1200 MHz works flawlessly at the rated speed, but requires a good boost in voltage to do so. Even at these speeds, it has a bit of overclocking headroom. The very unique and e...

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