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  • The Component Series racks are built to a quality that is equal and in many ways superior to that of the industry standard, which is Middle Atlantic, The removable panels and adjustable door make working on and around the rack easy and troublefree. Best of all, the doors and panels can be locked to prevent unwanted tampering, damage or even theft, The included shelves are a nice touch, as are
  • The base price of the Sanus racks is outright affordable, compared to much of the competition. However, you can quickly drive the costs up if you get too crazy with the options list. My recommendation is to live with whatever Sanus rack you choose for a while before piling on the optional extras, as you may not need them, The 3U exhaust fan is ungodly loud, so if you're housing your rack in th
  • For just under $1,200, I'm still amazed by what Sanus includes as standard with their newly revamped Component Series Racks. Most pro style racks cost as much for a raw frame, and then charge you an arm and your firstborn for items such as doors, shelv...

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